California REIT, (Real Estate Investment Trust), Loan FraudHow I lost my Home with hundreds of thousands dollars in Equity, due to Breech of Loan Contract 3 days after Loan Signed, and possibly 3 other Frauds. The California Department of Real Estate Appraisers was indifferent when I sought out their help, total indifference to the Loan Breach, (because REIT loan?), due to private 3rd party non licensed indivdual interference. You can see my complaint and their response, on that tab below. The home ended up with the owner of the Loan Company, then a Real Estate Agency owner. 

Reit Loan Fraud

These are some of the before and after photos that I will post throughout all the pages. There will also be a photo gallery to see all. After 6 years restoring 2 small homes in Sacramento, CA, (starting with $9,000), I took this on in July 2001, great home, only had 3 small projects left, would have been on market within 30 days of loan, had it been funded. Had already found 7 units I wanted in Palm Springs, (I had health issues and wanted to be secure and dependent on no one), so was hoping I did the home justice in my efforts. Spent 5 years of my life on it, just to loose it in this situation. Also note that I also lost everything, every single item I owned you see and do not see, in all the after photos. I lost everything except the clothes on my back, and was homeless in New Orleans within 2 weeks of the loan breech. My life was destroyed, both financially and health aspects, still is.

The 2 Goals of Creating this Website.(by Douglas Honeycutt)

1) Finding Legal Representation - California Licensed Law Practice which works with
Real Estate Law - Breach of Contract 3 days after all docs signed, appraisal thrown out by secret call from a Real Estate agent, of which non were involved with the refi, a they already had the loan.  And Real Estate agents are not licensed appraisers.  House ened up with the onwer of the REIT Mortgage company, then Gary Little, a Real Estate Agent.
The Breach of Contract "Foreclosure", (never have received even 1 page of foreclosure paperwork, not on my credit report),  date was October 13, 2006  Then the Home was transferred to Jon Gaiser, the Owner Quality Homes on October 20, 2006. I was homeless within 2 weeks, ended up in New Orleans.  My Life as I knew it destroyed, and I ended up sleeping on the streets.

When I started
work in Phoenix for the Company I had worked for prior to doing the Restoration, I immediately began seeking legal advice in March 2007, as well as Contacting the California Department of Real Estate. I was informed on the phone that as it was a matter the Appraisal of theProperty, exactly what instructions and which form by their number s to file a Complaint with the California Department of Real Estate Appraiser's office, (see headed page 5 and contents). Needless to say, I was shockedat the response I got, lack of any consideration which definately affected my physical and mental energy, and comprehension on how to proceed. I did work with my company's legal benefit group ARAG, to no avail, and have a file 3 inches thick on contacting attorneys and seeking help. The second I mention "foreclosure", I got no where.

, in March of 2010, I was told of a Lawyer who was licensed in both Arizona and California. We met for a consultation onMarch 15, 2010. At that time, he told me that there was definately Fraud. The matters of Breach of Contract,
a Mortgage Company having a right to the 3 day Rescission, not allowing me to Pay for another Appraisal if they disagreed with the first, but was mute point as they Breached the Contract, and a possible problem with the fact that my only written notification of the home truly being Foreclosed on came to me by a Fax from the President of
Quality Home Loans, Christopher Powell. He then suggested that I find consult with legal representation within the
state of California which would be more economical and efficient. Having the IRS hit me just the next month, (see
page 6), then two Hospitalizations relating to my deteriorating mental health, and directly dealing with this all all consuming life issue, and being warned by a stranger that I would be "sued for libel" if I did a blog about this has led me to this time limit. But this is not libel, you can see all the paperwork, including my seeking for help with the complaint to the Dept of Real Estate Appraisers, their response speaks for itself.

Salon Room - Before then After

2) Ensuring this is known so it may help others, and never happen to anyone else again.
Maybe something in the site can be useful information. Also seeking help from people who might have had the same experience, or can shed some answers of laws that I do not know about that allow third parties to interfere with two party contracts. I have always thought of California as the most pro people oriented state in the nation. I was referred to the California Department of Real Estate Appraisers, and you can see what came of that, under that heading.

My mind can still not understand how this incomprehensible situation happened to me, or could happen to anyone. The State Licenses all Mortgage Companies, (and I have yet to find any laws that would allow REIT mortgage companies to act differently, as the Quality Home Loan representative said they could). Yet they also licenses Appraisers and Real Estates Agents, (who are not licensed to do appraisals). As no Agent was involved in the refinance transaction, how could they allow this to be the reasoning for throwing out the official  Appraisal they arranged and used in the completed loan documents? The only reason for any third party to get involved was to intentionally cause me financial harm and personal harm. Allowing anyone to just call in, 3 days after a loan was signed and notarized and then Breach it, opens up all kinds of opportunities for people to be financially attacked in many ways.  An angry ex-spouse calling in or using a person as an "unlicensed appraiser" to stop a deal out of personal revenge and malice.  Or family members doing the same to try to extort monies from the person from separate financial holdings or trusts, or even imagine someone doing it to a public official like a judge for blackmail or revenge. There is one fact in this scenario, any call to stop a completed loan has only one purpose, malice and financial loss to what most would consider their most personal and major purchase in their lives.

I have been hospitalized 3 times now with Depression and Post Traumatic Stress due to this happening. My life as I know it is destroyed, financially and probably permanent health problems. I had worked 10 years on 3 homes to get equity so I could buy a home, but had found 7 units to purchase.  When the loan would have funded, I only had 2 projects left; front wall concrete work and porch work, about $6,500. I was going to immediately put the home on the market. Instead, 5 business days after the Loan was foreclosed, the owner of Quality Home Loans, Mr. Jon Gaiser's name was on the home, and within 10 days I was sleeping on the sidewalk in New Orleans, with Rats crawling over my body.





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